Simplicity Plus

A Client Referral Plan for Programmers to Earn Extra Income

Why You Should Refer Your Clients to DBS?

Now you can recommend a professional forms company to your clients with complete confidence. With top quality work and knowledgeable sales representatives, your clients will thank you for putting us together. they will receive consistently reliable performance, custom forms, personal service and sharp pricing too!

There is Something in it For You Too: Introducing Simplicity Plus

Refer your clients to DBS or call to have one of our representatives contact them directly. Whenever an order or re-order is placed, we credit your account with 10% of the sale. Unlike mail order houses, there are no stickers for your client to remember, no key codes to write, and no record keeping for you. It's just that simple, it's Simplicity.

Are you interested in a first time referral offer?