One Write Systems

The one-step approach to professional bookkeeping.

One Write CoverData Business Systems carries a full line of compatible checks & forms for Safeguard, McBee, Deluxe and many more.

DBS also has it's own custom one-write systems. To order or for more information about one-write systems, visit One-Write.Com or contact our sales department.

"One-Write" business systems are designed to meet the bookkeeping needs of small and large businesses alike. In offices that have not been computerized, they save time and ensure accounting efficiency and control.

Benefits of the "One-Write" System.

Why bother with so many unnecessary hassles? One-Write reduces the headaches and errors while saving up to 75% of your bookkeeping time, Just write the check and all your records are automatically created and are current and up-to-date. No more copying from one document to another. And you can maintain tighter cash controls. Simple, accurate, painless.

A Pegboard is the only equipment required to align the "One-Write" forms. A row or rows of aligning pegs hold the forms in place for processing. A Pegboard also provides the hard writing surface necessary for information to be clearly transmitted from one document to the next.

One-Write Systems are available to handle all your bookkeeping requirements:

For more information one One-Write Systems, visit One-Write.Com.